Advanced Cricket Bowling Machine

Leverage Master Digi- Advanced 2 Wheel Bowling Machine

Regular price Rs. 70,000

Leverage Master Digi

- Better reflexes. - One delivery and multi shot practice. - Makes you match ready!!! Leverage Master Digi is an extremely economical two wheel bowling machine. This machine is an ideal choice for the professional cricketers who cannot afford the high-end intelligent and robotic bowling machines.

Why Leverage Master Digi?


    • Ideally suitable for Malls, Events , Recreation & Coaching Camps.

    • Kids, novice cricketers enjoy playing with Leverage Master.

    • Easy to operate.

    • Easy to maneuver the machine.

    • Easy to install.

    • Highly portable.

    • Highly Economical two wheel machines in the world.

    • Compatible with automatic ball feeder.

    • Can be upgraded to simulator to generate revenue.

    • Bowls all kinds of deliveries like inswing, outswing, legspin and offspin.


• Speed : 60- 160 kmph with 1 km Increment & Decrement

• 160 kmph from full pitch

• Bowls Out swing and In swing.

• Bowls Off Spin and Leg Spin with angular loop lever to achieve flight of the ball.

• Displays - READY once variation is achieved, SWING LEVEL of the ball and SPEED of the ball bowled.

• Swing Variations: 21 for every 1 Km Speed.

• Total variations : 42 for each km speed.

• Easy Line & length changing Levers

• Bowls Leather cricket ball, PU soft, hard & Tennis Ball.

• Suitable for Professional cricket, Club Level, beginners.

• Also used in Commercial zones in malls, farm houses, and events.

• Can play in half pitch and full pitch.

• Auto feeder : Extra Optional


• Fully enclosed lightweight impact proof body.

• Easily portable and lightweight

• PU Concave Wheels for accuracy.

• Easy Line & Length Change with Levers.

• Speed & Swing Control: With Analogue Dials.

• Power Source: 230 V AC.

• Well Balanced Tripod Stand.

• Speed & Swing Control: Digital with Ready and Random

• Available in Tennis and Hard Ball Version

Add-Ons extra:

• Random Mode Match Practice Match Situation Ball Counter

• Battery Compatibility

• Operator protection cover

• Tab operation

• Autofeeder