Most Advanced and Intelligent Cricket Bowling Machine

Leverage Yantra e3- Intelligent 3 Wheel Cricket Bowling Machine

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Leverage Yantra e3


  • Three-dimensional deliveries.
  • Thousands of variations.
  • Natural bowling feel.
  • Artificial intelligence features.
  • Maximum leveraging of time.
  • With all these and many more...
Leverage Yantra, the Robotic Three Wheel Bowling Machine is a synonym for Supremacy! This highly acclaimed machine has further evolved to provide more intensity and quality practice to the players in order to help them accomplish their dream of reaching the top at an incredibly low price!!


Why Leverage Yantra e3?

• It’s the world's most advanced and intelligent bowling machine.
• Suitable for Cricketers of all age groups.
• It can replicate all variations a human can bowl.
• Equipped with more than 1000 variations.
• It is the only cricket bowling machine in the world which would alter swing and bounce at a constant speed.
• Creates variable bounce conditions (high, medium and low) for all the variations.
• It is highly accurate compared to any other bowling machine in the world.
• All the operations in the machine can be controlled using a tab.
• Speed can be increased or decreased by every 1 km.
• Speed Ranges from 60-170 kmph which makes it an ideal practice tool for all levels of cricketers.
• Special deliveries (inswing seam out / outswing seam in etc) can be achieved easily.
• Displays READY once the speed is achieved.
• The random mode gives an opportunity for the batsman to experience erratic deliveries and gives a challenging batting practice.
• The Match Practice mode improves the range of shots, concentration due to constant change of speeds for every 5 second in a specific range of speed along with swing levels.
• The Ball counter feature (patent pending) gives an accurate measure of number of balls played in a session.
• The Match situation mode is designed for professional cricketers to improve their game to next level. The variations vary in a 40 km range with an interval 5 second.
• Robust Metal body which can shield itself from the balls.
• Works on AC & DC.
• Increase or Decrease of bounce from the same reference surface.


Leverage Yantra e3 Cricket Bowling Machine

- The Only Three Wheel Cricket Bowling Machine in the World .
- Most advanced Cricket Bowling Machine available in the World.
- Three Wheel Profile to simulate bowler's grip and produce natural throw.
- 3 Dimensional Variation Control (Bounce off the pitch, Deviation off the pitch, Swing).
- Gear Operated Change in Line and Length.
- Stand on wheels for easy portability.
- Touch Screen Digital operation to select variations.
- Four types of swing options at a particular speed.
- Thousands of bowling variations.


Easy Line and Length Change

Can bowl Cricket balls(Leather balls)